Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Guess what???  We have a new student in our class!  Ben joined our class on Monday and is making new friends and reacquainting himself with old friends.  Welcome Ben!!

This week we began a new “daily” warm-up activity:  vocabulary.  The kids seem to enjoy this new challenge-thinking about the multiple meanings and usages of words.  We continue to work on science “daily” warm-ups too.  These short daily problems review important science concepts and help prepare students for the science NECAP this spring. 

We have been sketching arctic animal scenes this week in social studies for our arctic prints.  Students will be printing their image later this week.  They are using patterns to create texture and interesting details.  These will be mounted with arctic poems they have been writing this week!!  We have been having fun thinking creatively about the arctic. 

In reading we have been practicing inferring.  Students learned that “reading between the lines” happens when we merge our background knowledge with text clues.  Today we inferred the title/topic of poems and used text clues to support our inferences.  Students easily identified the title for “Fireflies” and “Dolphin” but other poems were more difficult to determine.

Need something to talk to your child about?  Ask them to tell you about one of these words we’ve talked about this week:  shunned, associate, staple, probability, outcome, haiku/cinquain, tunic.

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