Maritime & Teddy Bear Factory

We didn’t let a little rainy weather ruin our field trip today.  We had a GREAT day at the Maritime Museum in Vergennes and the Teddy Bear Factory in Shelburne! 

At the Maritime Museum we learned how Lake Champlain played an important role in Revolutionary War. We saw a video of the Battle of Valcour Island, held cannon balls on the replica of the Philladelphia II, and learned how blacksmiths and boat builders were critical to both sides during the Revolutionary War. 

At the Teddy Bear Factory we saw how teddy bears are made and repaired.  I took as many pictures as possible.  Enjoy the slide show!

The Field Trip is ON!!!!

Thank you to everyone for checking your schedules and trying to help us out with our chaperone problem.  We have enough chaperones and will be attending the Maritime Museum on Wednesday, May 27th.  Students will need to have a bag lunch and snack.  Thank you to our volunteers:  Sarah and Chuck Arel, Deb Thompson, Christi & Dominic Brodeur and Doug Ellwood!!!! 

We have several chaperones for our trip to Montpelier on June, 2 too!  Thank you to Sarah Arel, Amy Pierce, Jill Pettengill and Kelly Gagne!!

Science NECAPs

We started the science NECAPs today and I was so very impressed with how hard everyone worked on them!!!  Your children are AMAZING scientists.  We also had a math test today . . . tests, tests, tests!  I told them that to make up for it we wouldn’t have any homework.  Hopefully, tomorrow we will do something other than TESTING all day 🙂 

We finished unit 10 unit test in math and will begin unit 11 tomorrow.  Unit 11 is on volume and capacity.  We will be exploring 3-D shapes and volume. 


We NEED Your Help!

We are scheduled to visit the Maritime Museum on May 27th and we are in DESPERATE need of chaperones!  We must have a ratio of 5 students to 1 adult.  We currently have 3 adults for 23 students.  Groups rotate from station to station, so we need 2 more chaperones in order to go on this field trip.  Please consider joining us and learning more about Vermont’s maritime history !!  You can drive your own car to and from the museum . . . you don’t have to ride on the bus 🙂  Chaperones are free, so if you can attend, send in a note as soon as possible.


We made our first VoiceThread . . .

So what is a VoiceThread? VoiceThread is a way to talk about and discuss digital media. The best way for you to learn about VoiceThread is to watch one (and maybe add a comment).

What is this VoiceThread about? We read about Iqbal in our Daybook and became VERY interested in his story. As I researched more about Iqbal’s life, I found this video and decided to use a VoiceThread to help the kids share their feelings and reactions to this tragic, yet inspiring, true story. Click the play arrow to watch the video about Iqbal’s life and death and then listen to several of members of our class react to his courage and bravery. If you too are inspired, consider commenting on our VoiceThread . . . you can type a comment or record a comment using your computer’s mic. We would love to hear your reactions!!!

Math TEST tomorrow!!

We have a math test tommorrow. Students may choose one of three options to practice:         

  • Create a practice test with 20 problems
  • Practice with the online test (25 problems)
  • Practice for at least 20 minutes to play at least 3 games on the following websites

To complete the online test of 25 problems-click on the Math Journal cover: 

OR go to these websites and play the following games to review for the Unit 9 Math Test. Play the games several times so you really understand the concepts.  Remember to play at least 3!!!!

Fractions and Percent Matching Game

Fraction Decimal Conversion

Fractions Matching

Calculating Percentage

Area of Polygons:

Area of Parallelogram:

Multiplying Decimals (take the quiz for practice)

Dividing Decimals

Practice does make perfect !!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

We are hearing about Swine Flu everywhere. BrainPop, an educational website that produces videos and computer simulations for teachers and students, has created a video to help kids understand this pandemic and know what to do to keep themselves safe. Please take some time to view it!!!

We have been finishing up our Inspirations graphic organizers in writing. Wow . . .this helps make essay format really easy for 9 and 10 year olds to understand. They are pros at it now!!

In reading we began a new skill: determining importance. When we determine importance we decide what the most important information and do some deep thinking and connecting to make sense of the material. We will be using lots of nonfiction for this last reading group of the year 🙁