Math TEST tomorrow!!

We have a math test tommorrow. Students may choose one of three options to practice:         

  • Create a practice test with 20 problems
  • Practice with the online test (25 problems)
  • Practice for at least 20 minutes to play at least 3 games on the following websites

To complete the online test of 25 problems-click on the Math Journal cover: 

OR go to these websites and play the following games to review for the Unit 9 Math Test. Play the games several times so you really understand the concepts.  Remember to play at least 3!!!!

Fractions and Percent Matching Game

Fraction Decimal Conversion

Fractions Matching

Calculating Percentage

Area of Polygons:

Area of Parallelogram:

Multiplying Decimals (take the quiz for practice)

Dividing Decimals

Practice does make perfect !!!!

3 thoughts on “Math TEST tomorrow!!

  1. Shelby did three math games (the memory game, area of a parallelogram & area of a polygons).


    Kelly Gagne

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