3 thoughts on “Locks of Love

  1. hi mrs. boucher!

    i loved this year it was so fun and exsiding. fourth grade is my favorite year in school so far.

    your old student

    abigail jane ladd

  2. hi it is abby with megan flanagan☺☻☺

    what are you doing playing wiffleball?
    how was dinner with the teachers? where did you go?

    your old student

  3. i will always be one of your students. i got mr. windchester. he is very nice and erin is in my class i am so exsided. i wanted him too. can you put a thing up that says what class who is in. from our class. kyle is acrossed the hall and michaela is in the greenhouse:( that is okay she has mrs. buswell. she is very nice.well i wrote a lot so i should go. one more thing. you were one of my top three best teachers so far. i had a lot of fun!

    your old student,
    abigail ladd :~p

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