Getting Ready for School

It’s hard to believe school is just around the corner!  Consider brushing up on some typing or math skills! 

We use technology to communicate and show our new learning throughout the year.  Knowing how to type correctly will help you be more successful.  I’ve included a link to a great site that will help you learn homerow keys (where to put your hands) or practice your typing skills.  Dance Mat Typing, a site from the BBC (British Broadcasing Company in England), has a cool English accent! Give it a try.


Click on link below
Everyone gets rusty on their facts over the summer.  Whether you need to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication or division, we can all help our math brain get ready for school with one of the sites below.    At MBS you should be able to complete 20 facts in one minute. 


Math Minutes  lets you practice timed math facts. Use this site to see how well you know your facts or to increase the speed you complete facts.  If you know your facts . . . challenge yourself to complete more than 20 facts in a minute . . . can you complete 30?  How about 40? 

additon sign                subtraction sign                  multiplication sign

Math Flash Cards  is helpful if you are still LEARNING your math facts because it’s not timed.  If you are still learning some of your facts this site is the place for you!  A nice feature of this website is it has several levels of difficulty so you can decide the challenge level of the facts you are practicing.

Minibeasts Galore!

Wow . . . I have been seeing so many minibeasts (some I don’t mind, others I could do without) in my yard this summer! Minibeasts, insects and small organisms, live in every ecosystem and have a very important role in the food chain.  If you’re interested in learning more about minibeasts follow the link.

Habitat Activities

Minibeast #1 . . . Dragonflies.  Have you noticed all the DRAGONFLIES?  They are everywhere!  I took a few pictures of the dragonflies hanging out in my backyard for you to see.

Then minibeast #2 . . . The Spider.  I discovered a spider in my garage.  Okay . . . I knew it was there (not a minibeast I mind-if they’re not in my house), but it’s web was getting broken, so I thought it had left for a different habitat.  WRONG-last night he was working hard to repair his web.  He fixed two sections of the web (opposite sides-look closely at the photos) and then sat triumphantly in the center for a LONG time.  It was REALLY hard to photograph a spider with a florescent light in the background!  Some are a bit fuzzy-best I could do.  I wonder if he’ll fix the other two parts tonight?  This could be a story I write about this fall . . . why the spider’s web was neglected and where he was.

Minibeast #3 . . . Cardinal Family.  Okay . . . technically not a minibeast-technically they EAT minibeasts.  But . . . I was in my yard and he flew right by me into the woods by my house.  Then a few minutes later he flew back and I noticed he was feeding a baby.   I couldn’t see the next over the fence, but they were definitely there-you could HEAR them!  Very cool.