Rainforest Projects

We’ve been learning about the layers of the rainforest by reading and researching.  One way we keep track of our facts is by using note cards.  Note cards must have a minimum of three facts per layer.  Just about everybody finished their notes and started creating their rainforest layer poster.  The poster is designed to showcase their new learning and extend their thinking about this important ecosystem.  They are SO EXCITED to work on these projects! 


Four Winds

Please join me as I extend to Libby Davidson & Tricia Roy a huge THANK YOU.  They have generously donated their time to be our Four Winds parent volunteers.  This year Four Winds will be exploring Earth Science.  Many of the standards we cover in forth grade are in earth science, so we are lucky to have these talented moms helping us out.  Friday we explored the relationship between the earth & the sun.  Your children used flashlights to explore how shadows change throughout the day as the sun moves through the sky. 

Puppet ShowFour Winds Puppet Show      

If you are interested in volunteering, please do not hesitate to send me an email or note!  There are opportunities throughout the year as chaperones for field trips or special events at school.  You may prefer to volunteer in our classroom.  You are welcome anytime!


We learned how to play the harmonica yesterday!!  We had two assemblies with Harmonica Dave.  We had to practice having self control with our harmonicas.  At the end of the day the entire school came together and played songs together.  What fun!  I’ve included a slide show and links to a few videos. Consider leaving a comment!!

Slide show:

Video . . . We are learning how to play with our house-mates:

We are getting better!

Ms. Millham sang while the whole school played!

Math Test Tomorrow!

We have a math test tomorrow.  Students are encouraged to either make a 20 problem practice test or play the PowerPoint Jeopardy game by following the link.  Practice tests or a completed grid for the Jeopardy game should be returned to school tomorrow and will be worth 5 extra points on your child’s test.

Your child may want to practice their addition or subtraction facts.  They can practice timed tests with the link.  They should complete 20 facts in 1 minute.