We’ve been blogging!

What is a blog?

A blog is website that allows its author to write entries and post them for others to read and comment on. This interactive webpage can be public or private. 

Looking Glass Blog: 

This is my blog and my purpose  is to offer families an opportunity to “see” some of the things we do at school each week.  I try to blog two or three times per week.  I use it to communicate and give you a glimps into our day.  Sometimes I post pictures or slideshows, links to other sites, powerpoint slides, or video clips.  This platform allows me to show you what is happening with the use of multimedia tools. My blog is PUBLIC and can be viewed by anyone.  Consider sharing with family members and they can stay informed about your child’s school activities too.    


This is a PRIVATE student blog.  Users must be logged in with a username  and password to view this blog’s content.  It has a homepage and each student has their own blog.  BoucherBlog provides students with a safe environment to communicate with each other. Your child has a username and password (which you can ask to see at any time!), so encourage them to share their blog with you.

We blog most Fridays:

They LOVE it!  Yesterday was the first day we were all able to log in independently 🙂  I took a few pictures of the kids blogging in the computer lab:


At this point, students are learning what a blogger does and how our blog works.  Watch the video of Liam sharing what he knows about blogging and how he gets ideas for his entries: Liam on blogging.