Nonfiction Explorations

We have been practicing making connections in reading.  This week we shifted our focus toward nonfiction reading.  Yesterday we delved into piles of nonfiction to explore this genre’s features (timelines, captions, index etc).  They are AMAZING nonfiction detectives!  Each group found many different examples and were working together to decide how each feature helps them understand nonfiction text.

Veteran’s Day

IMG_0285            IMG_0286 

Yesterday was Veteran’s Day.  MBS began the day by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance together followed by the star Spangled Banner.  Your children began singing along with the kids singing over the intercom.  Luckily I had my camera right there and I was able to capture this video as they sang along.

Star Spangled Banner

Math Test Tomorrow

We have our unit 3 assessment tomorrow.  I have posted TWO jeopardy games to practice for our test.  The first one is for most students and covers the difficulty level the unit test will cover.  The second one is more challenging and is suitable for students who sit at tables 5 or 6 during math.  Practicing is the best way for your child to prepare for a math test and games are a great way to practice!


Jeopardy Challenge (math tables 5-6)

Memoir Writing

We’ve been busy filling our writer’s notebooks with memories, timelines, thoughts and descriptions. Last week we reread EVERY notebook entry to notice themes and choose entries that would serve as inspiration for our first writing piece: memoir. We have been reading and exploring this genre throughout our literacy block.  During this unit we will focus on the process of writing (prewriting, drafting, revising, editing & publishing). One of our first minilessons was on “seed” stories and “watermelon” stories. Seed stories are focused and share small moments; watermelon stories tend to go on and on listing events rather than developing a storyline. Our goal will be to write seed stories, not watermelon stories. In the pictures show below, we were testing out our “seed” story titles and getting feedback from classmates.


We had LOTS of great food for our Halloween party! Thank you to everyone who sent in something. Our reader’s theater for Halloween week was The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and we began our party by reading this scary play. During the party we watched a Disney version of this classic story!

4 Winds

On Friday we had our second 4 Winds (aka ELF) lesson.  The kids were introduced to the concept of erosion and then explored it further by trying to prevent erosion on a simulated land mass.  They loved watching their “houses” slide down the slope in a landslide.  A few groups were successful at protecting their property 🙂