Reflections on The Giver

Anyone who’s spent any time in my class knows I love The Giver.  I have read it at least 15 times and look forward to reading it at least 15 more!  We recently finished reading The Giver and used a tool called VoiceThread to reflect on the major themes in this book.  In this VoiceThread you will hear each class member share their deep thinking about this award winning book. 

Our VoiceThread begins with a picture of the cover.  Students were asked to share their opinion of the book on this page.  Next, we have an image that is related to the setting of the book.  The setting of The Giver is integral to the plot, so students used this page to think about how the image related to the setting of the book.  Finally, on the last page of our VoiceThread students were offered two quotes from the book to reflect on. 

To begin click the play button. You can click on one or two responses and listen or listen to them all! Either way enjoy a glimpse into the wonderful deep thinking our classroom community regularly engages in.