A Wonderful Problem

Blog post by Hannah:
This week on Wednesday tree cutters came to cut down two trees in front of my house. But they made a wonderful mistake. . . . . . . . . . They left the the bottom of the second tree{the biggest} to us! We were all shocked to find the trunk of a tree in our yard. I was happy, you could say thrilled to find this out. I decided to take a piece of the tree and pictures to share in class during morning meeting. Mrs.Boucher took pictures of my share. Mrs.Boucher and I also made a slide show here it is.

Mock Rocks Part 2

We cracked open our mock rocks and separated them into all the different components. There were three “minerals” we could see in our rocks . . . represented by red gravel, green gravel and oyster shells. The rest of the rock (white matter with sparkles!) was dissolved in water. Tomorrow we will decide whether or not this material contains any more minerals. Hmmm . . . how could we find out what might be dissolved in the water?

Mock Rocks

Mock rocks simulate real rocks and allow us to do the work of a geologist. Today we spent time observing the properties of our mock rocks and noted our “rock’s” color, luster and size. Observations were written and also represented in a scientific diagram, including a close-up of an interesting feature. We measured the diameter, circumference, depth and mass of our mock rocks too!

Writing today. . .

If variety is the spice of life . . . it was certainly evident during our writer’s workshop today! Students worked on a variety of projects. Notebook entries, drafting, revising, typing, and collaborating could be seen, so I ran for my camera and . . . dead batteries! So I improvised and grabbed my phone. I had to capture the wonderful writing happening in the room. Everyone set a purpose for their independent work and the room hummed with writing activity. I couldn’t have been prouder of this talented group of 4th graders.