Summer Reading Challenge

Well, it’s week TWO of our Summer Reading Challenge and I am pleased to report we doubled the total number of students logging summer reading time!! I am thrilled that 62% of our class has participated. Keep up the great reading!

This week Jessica, Sam, Autumn, Cydney, Charlie, Mistaya and Katie logged their minutes for the first time!!!! Mistaya and Taylor are reading Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix . . . wouldn’t it be great if they blogged together sharing their thinking about this pivotal book in JK Rowling’s series. Two summers ago, I read this book and couldn’t stop until I had finished book 7! Katie has been enjoying Superfudge by Judy Blume.  Cydney’s been having fun with a Geronimo Stilton book.  Sam has been devouring Magic Tree House books and Liam has moved onto The Seekers this week. Charlie has been reading both nonfiction and fiction, but I’m sure he’s enjoying Sammy Keyes and the Dead Giveaway. I LOVE Sammy Keyes books and would definitely recommend them. Hannah has been reading The Alchemist and Calvin and Hobbes this week.  Finally, Ethan’s been reading Hate that Cat and Love that Dog by Sharon Creech.  What a variety!

I did say I’d start logging my summer reading, too!  I have been reading Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson & David Oliver Relin.

Ammie has read 45 minutes total
Autumn has read 190 minutes total
Charlie has read 655 minutes total
Cydney has read 90 minutes total
Ethan has read 515 minutes total
Hannah has read 305 minutes total
Jessica has read 213 minutes total
Katie has read 110 minutes total
Liam has read 830 minutes total
Livy has read 60 minutes total
Mistaya has read 330 minutes total
Sam has read 330 minutes total
Taylor has read 465 minutes total
Mrs. Boucher has read 180 minutes total

Our class has read a total of 4,318 minutes this summer . . . WOW that is AMAZING!!!

Summer Reading

We spent quite a bit of time discussing the importance of reading over the summer before school got out. I explained that reading regularly would help them maintain their 4th grade learning. Everyone grew tremendously over the course of the school year and to just let that go over the summer would be a shame. So . . . I challenged my class to read a minimum of 80 minutes each week over the summer. This is the home reading weekly requirement during the school year and is NOT much reading. However, reading regularly is such a challenge for some students, I thought it would seem manageable and doable for even the most reluctant reader!

To support and encourage summer reading, every student received a thick packet filled with summer reading programs in the area. TD Bank North will pay kids $10 if they read 10 books! Barnes & Noble and Borders offer free books after reading several books. The Burnham Library has many engaging summer reading activities throughout the summer. Students have many choices!

Through our discussions, we developed a summer reading goal for the class! Each student is challenged to read a MINIMUM of 880 minutes over the summer. Below is the online form to log summer minutes. Students can log their minutes each time they read or every week or two. Students that read the minimum will celebrate their successes with me at a PIZZA party in the fall.

I agreed to post minutes read each week and keep everyone posted about how our summer reading challenge was progressing!  So . . .

DRUM ROLL, PLEASE . . . . I am thrilled to announce that in our first week 29% of our class participated and read!!! BRAVO!!!!

We are reading some GREAT books this summer. Taylor, the first student to log summer reading, is reading the fifth Harry Potter book, and Ethan has been enjoying Others See Us by William Sleator. Ammie’s reading The First Day of School, she must be getting ready for 5th grade!  Liam has logged both fiction and nonfiction this summer 🙂  Liam is challenging himself with The Lord of the Rings!!!! Livy has spent her time reading poetry . . . one of my favorites: A Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein. Hannah is currently reading Shakespeare’s Secret by Elise Broach.  This looks like a great summer read!

Summer Reading totals are in ALPHABETICAL order by first name:
Ammie has read 45 minutes so far!!!!!
Ethan has read 310 minutes so far!!!!
Hannah has read 110 minutes so far!!!!
Liam has read 257 minutes so far!!!!
Livy has read 60 minutes so far!!!!
Taylor has read 205 minutes so far!!!!

Our class has read 987 minutes so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!

Lighthouse visits the Shelburne Museum

Even though we all woke up to rain this morning, it didn’t ruin our field trip to the Shelburne Museum. Lighthouse students participated in the museum’s new Passport to Learning program. Workshops were engaging and increased student learning about Vermont’s history. They were less than impressed with the Johnny Cakes in the Settler’s house! Most thought they need A LOT more maple syrup! We were fortunate it didn’t rain and the sun even peeked out from the clouds toward the end of our day 🙂