Lighthouse visits the Shelburne Museum

Even though we all woke up to rain this morning, it didn’t ruin our field trip to the Shelburne Museum. Lighthouse students participated in the museum’s new Passport to Learning program. Workshops were engaging and increased student learning about Vermont’s history. They were less than impressed with the Johnny Cakes in the Settler’s house! Most thought they need A LOT more maple syrup! We were fortunate it didn’t rain and the sun even peeked out from the clouds toward the end of our day 🙂

2 thoughts on “Lighthouse visits the Shelburne Museum

  1. That was a great video! Livy really missed out on a great learning experience. Thanks for providing these fantastic videos all year long. A picture is always worth a thousand words. I should know!

    Sue Rosato

  2. Wow! You’re the best, Aimee! What a fun video to watch and get a peak at what the kids were up to…Loved the rolling down the hill section the best!

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