Summer Reading Challenge

I wondered if enthusiasm would begin to decline as summer progressed, but . . . NO it hasn’t!  What an amazing group of readers we have become!

What we’ve been reading:  This week I FINALLY finished Flawed Dogs by Berkley Breathed!  Hannah, you were right  . . . I loved the ending!  I may read this book as a read aloud next year.  Thank you for donating it to my class library and recommending the book to me 🙂 Jessica and Autumn have been reading nonfiction lately.  Jessica’s been reading Chicken Soup books and Autumn spent some time reading Monarch of Deadman Bay.  Livy has been reading more poetry.  Liam revisited  Lord of the Rings and Taylor continued to read Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix. Sam’s been reading A Dark Day in the Deep Sea.  Katie read another Judy Blume book:  Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing, while Charlie read The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.  Ethan has moved on to Ender’s Game another science fiction book.  Hannah has been enjoying one of my favorite magazines: National Geographic Kids.

I think it would be great to have guest bloggers this summer to discuss the books we’re reading.  Please consider writing a blog entry (send to me via email) or creating a video recommendation (use your camera or phone and send me the clip) for a book you read this summer.

Ammie has read 45 minutes total
Autumn has read 340 minutes total
Charlie has read 1210 minutes total . . . Charlie has earned a pizza party and a free book!!!!
Cydney has read 90 minutes total
Ethan has read 675 minutes total
Hannah has read 570 minutes total
Jessica has read 409 minutes total
Katie has read 390 minutes total
Liam has read 1260 minutes total . . . Liam has earned a pizza party and a free book!!!!
Livy has read 100 minutes total
Mistaya has read 330 minutes total
Sam has read 450 minutes total
Taylor has read 745 minutes total
Mrs. Boucher has read 280 minutes total . . . I better pick up the pace!

Our class has read a total of 6,894 minutes this summer . . . we had another great week of reading!!!