Summer Reading

FIRST . . . I apologize for neglecting to post your GREAT reading last week.  My Colchester Parks and Recreation camps have started and I have been swamped 🙂  So . . . now let’s see what everyone has been reading over the past two weeks!

Taylor has finished reading the fifth Harry Potter and Liam finished The Fellowship of the Ring.  Taylor is now reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, while Liam has moved onto the second book in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy!  Bravo, Taylor and Liam.  Sam is reading Hardy Boy mysteries and The River by Gary Paulsen.  Katie is reading Double Fudge by Judy Blume and Hannah is reading a vampire story The Short Second Life of Bree Taylor.  Ethan continues to read The Ender’s Game and enjoy science fiction books 🙂

Here are our current totals:

Ammie has read 45 minutes total
Autumn has read 740 minutes total
Charlie has read 1,530 minutes total . . . Charlie has earned a pizza party and a free book!!!!  Keep up the AMAZING reading, Charlie!
Cydney has read 90 minutes total
Ethan has read 925 minutes total . . . Ethan has earned a pizza party and is working toward a free book too!!!!
Hannah has read 680 minutes total
Jessica has read 409 minutes total
Katie has read 390 minutes total
Liam has read 2,095 minutes total . . . Liam has earned a pizza party and a free book!!!! Incredible, keep it up, Liam!
Livy has read 130 minutes total
Mistaya has read 330 minutes total
Sam has read 825 minutes total
Taylor has read 1,150 minutes total . .  .Taylor has earned a pizza party and a free book!!!!! Yah, Taylor!
Mrs. Boucher has read 480 minutes total . . . I still need to pick up the pace!

Our class has read 10,959 minutes read this summer 🙂  Keep up the great work!