Summer Reading Challenge

Summer is coming to an end 🙁  It’s hard to believe school starts in three and a half weeks!!! I am gearing up for a new year with new kiddo, but love how connected I still am with my old pals!  I will be deleting blog, glog and Voicethread accounts this week.

These last two weeks, Taylor continued to read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Liam is still working on Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.  Sam is reading The Vampire’s Vacation.  Hannah is reading The Angel Experiment and The Magician, while Cydney has been reading Countdown.  Charlie has been reading another Percy Jackson book and another Sammy Keyes book!  These are two great series!!

This summer reading challenge was a real success! More than half our class participated and one fourth of our class earned a pizza party and a free book of their choice!  There’s still time to READ and record your reading.  I will be counting all reading until the first day of school!!!!  If you haven’t participated yet, consider starting.  If you haven’t participated in a while, consider adding your reading.  If you’ve been reading regularly this summer and logging your time . . . KEEP UP THE  GREAT WORK.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions for how to make this even better next year.  I welcome your feedback as I think about what worked and what would have encouraged more to participate.

Here are our current totals:

Ammie has read 45 minutes total
Autumn has read 740 minutes total
Charlie has read 2,610 minutes total . . . Charlie has earned a pizza party and a free book!!!!  Keep up the AMAZING reading, Charlie!
Cydney has read 450 minutes total
Ethan has read 1,015 minutes total . . . Ethan has earned a pizza party and a free book!!!!  Keep reading, Ethan!!!
Hannah has read 1,410 minutes total . . . Hannah has earned a pizza party and a free book!!!! Keep reading!!!!
Jessica has read 409 minutes total
Katie has read 540 minutes total
Liam has read 2,745 minutes total . . . Liam has earned a pizza party and a free book!!!! Incredible, keep it up, Liam!
Livy has read 130 minutes total
Mistaya has read 330 minutes total
Sam has read 885 minutes total . . .  Sam has earned a pizza party!!!!!  Now he’s working for a free book!!!
Taylor has read 1,725 minutes total . .  .Taylor has earned a pizza party and a free book!!!!! Yah, Taylor!
Mrs. Boucher has read 940 minutes total . . . I will be on vacation next week and plan on reading to relax.

Our class has read 18, 784 minutes read this summer 🙂  Keep up the great work!