Our First Two Weeks

Greetings from Mrs. Boucher ’s classroom!    It’s hard to we are beginning the third week of school!  At the end of every day I am amazed at how fast our time flies.

Getting to Know Each Other

It hasn’t taken me long to realize that I have  received a wonderful group of children to work with.  I am  thoroughly enjoying the process of getting to know them on both a personal and an academic level.  Many of our activities and lessons have helped us learn about each other.

Testing & Assessments

Assessments in reading, writing, math and spelling have also been a big part of the past few weeks.  They are giving  me a picture of your child’s academic strengths and areas of need. This week we will turn our lens toward ourselves and explore our learning styles and interests.  Thank you to everyone for helping me learn more about your child by completing the Hopes and Dreams form.  I refer to this information frequently and appreciate the time it took to complete.  All of these pieces of information are helping me develop a comprehensive picture of your child’s emotional, social and academic strengths and areas of need.