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Homework is a crucial component to your child’s 4th grade experience.  The main purposes for homework are two-fold:  to develop responsibility and practice skills taught during the day.

We have been easing into a consistent homework routine.  It is vital that your child complete their homework each evening.  To help both you and your child, we’ll be using Student Planners and Homework Alerts.  Homework is written on the board in the front of the room and students are expected to write down their homework daily.  Please help your child manage their homework by looking at their Planner book and ensuring that all their work is complete. You will receive a “Homework Alert” if your child comes to school with homework not completed or incomplete.

Completing homework can be a struggle for some students at the beginning of 4th grade.  It takes teamwork and support from both home and school for students to be successful.  Please feel free to email me if you have any concerns.

Home Reading:

We began home reading last week!  Students are required to complete 80 minutes of home reading each week. To break it down more specifically, your child is responsible for at least 20 minutes of reading four times per week. Home reading sheets are due each Thursday.

Your child should keep track of their own reading, and you should verify that they read by signing the form each week.  The record keeping form helps your child develop important skills.  Correct capitalization of titles and calculation of elapsed time are important skills every fourth grader needs, so they should fill out the form with your support.  Feel free to help them calculate their time for the first month or two until they learn how to keep track of it on their own.

Need a record sheet? Click here: Weekly Home Reading Record .

468502417_7b9356e195_tGoing GREEN option:  Consider filling this out electronically and emailing it to me each week.  This will save many pieces of paper and lots of trees!

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  1. Sugggestion: I give my child an incentive for increasing his reading time, in the past he wasn’t a strong reader. We DON’T tell him it’s 4 days, we just say EVERYDAY you should read for at least 20-30 minutes, we set the timer on the microwave for 30 and go from there. We help him choose the right book and some days, he will read for an hour without even asking how long it’s been. So far so good!! 10 books were completed over the summer!

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