We spent time last week working on a few important projects. First we personalized our writer’s notebooks. Students used fancy paper, old wallpaper samples, and scrapbook paper for their backgrounds and decorated their foreground with family photographs, stickers, images and words from magazines, and other meaningful items. They worked hard, and the notebooks are AMAZING! I took them home and laminated them to protect the wonderful memories they contain. We use these images and words to inspire notebook entries.

Our notebook contain important memories and ideas. When we write in our notebooks, we practice writing fluently on a topic with sensory details. We reflect, remember and reminisce in our notebooks. The memories and experiences we gather are called “seeds.” These seeds will then be used to grow stories. . . . seed stories 🙂

We also decorated 6 inch tiles with Sharpie markers. The tiles featured our names and were decorated to represent our interests, hobbies and talents. I was worried about the permanency of Sharpies, but the kids did a super job and created memorable tiles. We used the tiles to create a graph of our learning styles. The majority of us are visual learners. Visual learners prefer reading and seeing. We also had tactile, auditory and 2 visual/tactile learners in our class. Tactile learners learn best by touching and doing, while auditory learners learn best when they are hearing or speaking.