Geo and Meri Travel Log

We began following the Globetracker’s Mission: Finding Dewey last week (thanks to Mrs. Bonfigli and Ms. Rayner for sharing!). Geo and Meri, teenagers on a secret mission to locate Dewey (a truth-sniffing dog), share their adventures via their blog, text messages, and a variety of online maps and resources.  They work with Uncle GT and trek around the globe hot on Dewey’s Trail.  Geo and Meri live in the Southwestern city of Phoenix, Arizona.  See map below.

Phoenix, AZ - Google Maps.png by aimeeb33 on Aviary

Phoenix, AZ – Google Maps.png by aimeeb33 on Aviary

Geo and Meri headed to New York City to find Dewey in the first episode. New York City is on an island!!!! They went to the Empire State Building to get their first clue. What a view. Check out the picture below.

By Tony the Misfit (Flickr)

New York City

We learned about time zones in this blog.  Phoenix is in the Pacific Time Zone and New York is in the Eastern Time Zone.  It’s three hours earlier in Phoenix.  Wow.

Geo and Meri’s first clue gave them three places to look for Dewey:Seattle, WA, Vancouver, Canada or Anchorage, AK.  We thought they should head to Seattle first and guess what??  They DID!!!!!

Seattle, WA (Google Maps)

Seattle, WA (Google Maps)

Did you know it rains 50% of the time in this Northwestern City!  That’s different than in the Southwest where Geo and Meri live.  Phoenix is in a desert and gets very little rain each year.  While awaiting word of Dewey in Seattle, they visited the Space Needle.  I found this picture.  That is really high.  Emal has been to the Space Needle.

Lorenzo Pasqualis

Seattle Space Needle

Geo and Meri got word that a dog was on his way to the airport in Juneau, Alaska.  They hopped on the first plane and were hot on Dewey’s trail.  In parts of Alaska it is dark 24 hrs./day in winter and light 24 hrs./day in summer.  Juneau has lots of water around it.  Geo and Meri visited Mount McKinley in Denali National Park.

By Unhindered by Talent

Mount McKinley

At the Seattle airport, a custodian, gave them a driver’s license of Claude Equator and said he saw him with Dewey!  Claude lived in Vancouver. . . so close to Seattle.  We had to help Geo and Meri decide how to get to Vancouver the quickest possible way.  We voted for them to take the 7 pm. train.  We’ll have to wait until next week to see what happens!

Fall Folliage

We spent some time traipsing through the woods behind MBS last week.  The sun was shining and it was a crisp, colorful fall morning.  Armed with our pencils our writer’s notebook we sat and used our senses to gather sensory details.  We were so quiet and observant.  Caleb spotted a green grasshopper on a green leaf.  We tried to photograph it, but it was hard to see.  We then headed toward the bike path in search of colorful leaves.  We took pictures with old friends and new friends and some alone.  They are AMAZING.  This video will be available for your child to download onto their flash drive.

Math Test Tomorrow

We have a math test tomorrow for unit 2. Today we completed a review in class of the material on tomorrow’s test. We discussed that to prepare for a math test, we need to PRACTICE. Students have the OPPORTUNITY to practice for their test and earn bonus points (5 points!). They have two options to practice:

1. Make a practice test with 20 problems (Must contain a variety of problems). The mathboxes and journal pages are a great place to find math problems for a practice test. Students must complete the practice test and return it tomorrow to recieve the bonus points.

2. Play Jeopardy (unit 2)and keep track of your work on a 4×4 grid. You may get an error message about “macros” and “viruses” . . . this file DOES NOT have a virus, so please ignore the message.  When the Powerpoint opens, click on the slideshow tab and click “from the beginning” to start the game.


We survived NECAP testing last week! I couldn’t be prouder of your children!!!! They worked very hard through two 90 minute test sessions three days in a row. Before we began testing, I interviewed a few kids and asked them, “What’s important to remember about the NECAP tests?” Their responses were very interesting!

I snapped some photos on the first day of testing and created a slide show. We made sure we were prepared each day by getting a lot of sleep, having a positive attitude, and eating a healthy breakfast and snack before the test.