Four Winds . . . Trees!

We had our October Four Winds lesson Thursday.  This would not be possible without our parent volunteers: Jennifer Faul and Phoebe Desjardin.  Thank you!!!!!

Our theme this month was life cycles of trees.  We learned about trees by examining tree cookies and real trees. It was a gorgeous day to go outside, find a tree, observe it, and write a sensory poem about it. To wrap up our lesson, we formed a large circle simulating the largest tree in the world . . . WOW it was REALLY big!  In our video (below) you can see how large the diameter was at the end when we are in a large circle.  We also simulated the diameter of the OLDEST tree in the world.  It was much smaller, but much older too!  Enjoy the video.  Our next Four Winds lesson will be on Thursday, November 18th at 9:00.  You are welcome to join us 🙂

4 thoughts on “Four Winds . . . Trees!

  1. What a beautiful video. We had so much fun and it is great to re-live it over again through your awesome pictures. Thank you!!!

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