Before and After the Spring Clean

I ‘ve been participating in Edublogs Teacher Blogging Challenge since January.  This week’s challenge asked us to update and improve our “About Me” page and add one new page to our blog.  Pages give important information about our class or school.  I added pages explaining homework, word study, math, and science units.  Pages are located on the right hand sidebar . . . check them out!

When I looked at my “About Me” page I realized it was sorely lacking.  It gave a brief introduction to my family, including a picture, and told about how I spend my summers.  The picture was old and didn’t include my pooches, Moe and Bella.  The bio didn’t tell enough about me as a teacher or a person.  A google search would have probably yielded more information!

So I updated my page.  One “About Me” page that got my interest was on Sue Water’s Blog.  She included subheadings and categorized the information she shared.  I decided to follow this format for my page.  While Sue’s page has much more information than mine does, I like how she organized the information.

I decided to include information about the following topics:

  • Looking Glass Blog
  • Information about myself as a teacher
  • Information about my family and interests
  • How I spend my summer.

These summer moments with my dogs and a good book, while few and far between, are very important to me.  I think my new page is much better and contains more information for my readers. Check out my new “About Me” page and tell me what you think!!!  I have tough skin, so please be honest.  Is there something you wish I had included?  What would make it better?

5 thoughts on “Before and After the Spring Clean

  1. I love your all new ‘About Me’ page!! It’s much better. My only other wish – although I don’t know if it is possible because of permission, etc, would be to have a picture of you in action in the classroom also included. I think that would have given me a great feel for things at the beginning of the year. Anyway that’s a tough request, but that is the only one I can come up with for a suggestion. Great page!!

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  3. Hi Aimee,
    Your new ‘About’ page was a great read. You certainly are busy even in your summer break and life in Vermont sounds fantastic!

    • Thanks for visiting, Louise! Life in Vermont is AMAZING as it is a beautiful state. I love working with adults in the summer; it provides a nice change of pace from my 4th graders 🙂

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