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We have been busy blogging!ย One of the tasks for week #1 of the Student Blogging Challenge, was to create a video of our school.ย  My talented photographers, Autumn, Julia, Sam and Zachary, did a terrific job capturing Malletts Bay School with images. We used them to create this Animoto video:

19 thoughts on “Video Tour of MBS

  1. Hello, We are still making our student version of animoto tour of our school. I will show my students your video so they get ideas. It looks like you are all expert bloggers. We are just beginning with commenting. Perhaps you have some advice for us? Thank you for your excellent model.

    • Sheri,
      Thank you for the blog compliment! We have been blogging since the beginning of the school year and blog regularly. We have required blog entries (ex. reading), but also get to blog about choice topics, too. I encourage my students to blog about things they care about and know a lot about.

  2. Dear Looking Glass,
    That is a cool Animoto. Are you a pro, or are you new at Animoto? We liked the music in the backround. Our favorite part is the Batman light, which had “read” in it.
    Brandon and Sean
    Edublog Challenge Commenters
    Mrs. Kislter’s 49’ers

    • Thank you, Brandon and Sean! We have an educator account and love making Animoto videos. Watch for our science videos coming soon! We are studying land and water and will be documenting our new learning with videos!

      Mrs. Boucher’s Class
      Looking Glass

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  4. Dear Looking Glass,

    We really enjoyed the video of your school. We had a question about the skis, do you use them for P.E., recess, or other activities? We live in Arizona so we only use skis if we go up North where it snows. Do you get a lot of regular snowfall in the Winter? We were wondering if you have a school mascott?

    Talk to you soon,
    Mrs. Martinez’s Class

    • Mrs. Martinez’s Class,
      Yes, we do ski in PE. We live in the northeast and usually have snow throughout the winter. However, some years we don’t have enough snow and have to snowshoe. If we don’t have any snow, we do circus fun for PE . . . juggling and cup stacking indoors. Thank you for visiting our blog!

      Mrs. Boucher’s Class

    • Zachary,

      It was nice to send out student reporters and photographers! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I hope you consider making a slideshow for this week’s challenge.

      Mrs. Boucher

  5. Hi Malletts Bay School,

    My name is Kira and I am 10 years old. I am
    in year 5 at Roseville College, Sydney Australia.
    I loved watching your tour of your school to see how
    it was different and similar to mine.

    First of all we have school uniform and you don’t, you go to school in the
    snow sometimes and I have never seen snow. We are also are an all girls school. We have band the same as you. We also have like most schools
    sport ,art ,maths, spelling, library and lots more. In your tour I saw some skis, what do you do with them? Are there for your sport lessons? How many classes in your year or is there just one? There are 2 in mine. My teacher’s name is Mrs Thomas and she is lovely, the other teacher in my year is Mrs Miller, she is lovely as well. Just in my class they are 27 girls. How many boys and girls are in your class?

    It’s been nice chatting from Sydney.


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