Circus Guy & the Junkman = GREAT Fun!

A huge thank you goes out to our PTO for supporting our Artist in Residence program this year at MBS!!!

We had our kick-off assembly Monday and the kids were thrilled!  What a wonderful opportunity for our Osprey’s to work with these “green” artists.  Everyone loved working with Troy and Don during art and P.E..

  • Art & Music classes are creating and playing their own “junk” play station for our performance next week.
  • P.E. classes are practicing circus arts like juggling, balancing and “clowning” around!

We have a dress rehearsal during the day at CHS next Friday, April 8th, before our evening performance at 5:30 . . . I hope to see you all there!

8 thoughts on “Circus Guy & the Junkman = GREAT Fun!

  1. Dear Looking Glass,
    Looking Glass, your blog is amazing. Your visitors have 3,067, that is a lot of visitors. The junk playing is so fun it sounds fun too. I hear that you guys have to practice for fractions over the vacation that sounds really cool. I hope you guys like my comment!

    Your commenter,

  2. Hey Mrs.Boucher,

    You spelled my “soon to come” sisters name wrong. It is Arianna, not Adrianna. I can’t wait for my baby sister!!! You’re right, she might be born on Aug. 3rd! I hope she is!


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