Science Information

Science Process Skills –  These skills are taught at the beginning of the year and set the stage for all other learning in science.  Important skills the scientific community uses include observing, predicting, inferring, communicating, collecting data, measuring, classifying and investigating.

Land & Water –  In this unit students explore how land effects water and how water effects the land.  These concepts are developed through mini stream tables and working as a scientific team is essential.  Visit some of these cool websites

States of Matter –  Students learn about the cycle of water and the three states of matter (solid, liquid & gas).

Weather – This is a mini-unit that explores how weather effects us.  We collect weather data and organize it, looking for patterns.

Plants – Students learn about the life cycle of plants and connect it to previous learning about the life cycle of animals.

Forces & Motion – This unit uses balls, ramps, vehicles and many other matter to explore the concepts of force and motion.

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