Four Winds . . . Trees!

We had our October Four Winds lesson Thursday.  This would not be possible without our parent volunteers: Jennifer Faul and Phoebe Desjardin.  Thank you!!!!!

Our theme this month was life cycles of trees.  We learned about trees by examining tree cookies and real trees. It was a gorgeous day to go outside, find a tree, observe it, and write a sensory poem about it. To wrap up our lesson, we formed a large circle simulating the largest tree in the world . . . WOW it was REALLY big!  In our video (below) you can see how large the diameter was at the end when we are in a large circle.  We also simulated the diameter of the OLDEST tree in the world.  It was much smaller, but much older too!  Enjoy the video.  Our next Four Winds lesson will be on Thursday, November 18th at 9:00.  You are welcome to join us 🙂

Four Winds

We had our first Four Winds lesson today on insects.  A HUGE thank you to Jennifer Faul and Phoebe Desjardin for bringing us this engaging science lesson.  It rained, so we weren’t able to go out and observe insects 🙁  Check out our video!

Air: Four Winds

Four Winds on Friday was full of AIR.  Friday’s explorations highlighted the properties of air and the kids loved it!

One experiment pumped air into a milk jug and everyone was amazed when the pressure built up and popped the top off!

Another station stressed the concept that “air is there” by submersing a cup upside-down (newspaper tucked insid) in a tank of water.  Students were thrilled when they pulled it out of the water and the newspaper was dry.

4 Winds

On Friday we had our second 4 Winds (aka ELF) lesson.  The kids were introduced to the concept of erosion and then explored it further by trying to prevent erosion on a simulated land mass.  They loved watching their “houses” slide down the slope in a landslide.  A few groups were successful at protecting their property 🙂