It’s Freezing in Here . . . Brrrrrr

icy waterdropMelting, Evaporating, Condensing, Freezing . . . water, water . . . it’s everywhere.  We’ve been investigating water in all it’s wonderful states!  This week we are wrapping up our unit on States of Matter. We’ve observed water change from a solid to a liquid, from a liquid to a gas, from a gas to a liquid and back to a solid again!

What’s the key to all these changes? HEAT!  Add it to a solid and it becomes a liquid; add it to a liquid and voila-it becomes a gas.  We learned we can reverse these changes by removing heat.  When warm air is cooled, water vapor condenses and becomes a liquid again.

This week we are connecting our knowledge of the states of matter to the water cycle.  The kids loved reading A Drop Around the World by Barbara Shaw McKinney.  They were amazed to learn that the water we drink today is the same water dinosaurs drank!  How can this be?  The WATER CYCLE . . . it cycles water all around the earth and has for millions of years.  Enjoy the video below of our last experiment on freezing.

Mini Freezers

In science we are exploring freezing.  Yesterday, we made mini freezers and observed how water freezes.  Today we conducted experiments with our freezers.  Some groups compared the freezing time of different amounts of water (1/8 & 1/4 oz.), while the other groups froze the same amount of water in different containers (a medicine cup & plastic bag).  Ask your child how their experiment went and what they learned.

I strung together clips of each group as they worked on their experiment and made a movie: Freezing Water! If you like our movie . . . please let us know by commenting!

Ice Water Experiment

In science today we did our least experiment with ice. In this exploration we added a small amount of water to crushed ice and measured the temperature of the water every 5 minutes. It took most tables an hour and a half before the ice melted! They expected the water temperature to drop quickly and then rise just as quickly. However, once the water got as cold as it was going to get, it stayed at the same temperature until most of the ice melted. This was unexpected 🙂 Check out our pictures below.