Math Test Tomorrow

We have our unit 3 assessment tomorrow.  I have posted TWO jeopardy games to practice for our test.  The first one is for most students and covers the difficulty level the unit test will cover.  The second one is more challenging and is suitable for students who sit at tables 5 or 6 during math.  Practicing is the best way for your child to prepare for a math test and games are a great way to practice!


Jeopardy Challenge (math tables 5-6)

Multiplication Facts

We’ve been working on multiplication this week.  Most students are practicing their facts, generating multiples of numbers and determining factors for numbers.  A few students are working with prime and composite numbers too!

In the slide show below we are practicing our facts by playing Muliplication Baseball. Games are a great way to practice facts.  I’ve attached a link to the score sheet  (and directions) to this post.  Consider playing a game with your child to practice their facts.  


Every student needs to practice their multiplication facts NIGHTLY.  Students are tested most days and must show progress with each new assessment.  Please encourage your child to practice their facts.

Multiplication Baseball Game

Multiplication Baseball directions

Tomorrow: NECAPs and Unit 2 math test!

I’m tired already!  We have a big day tomorrow!

First, we have a math test on unit 2.  Students have the OPPORTUNITY to practice for their test and earn bonus points (5 points!).  They have two options to practice:

1. Make a practice test with 20 problems (Must contain a variety of problems)

2. Play Jeopardy and keep track of your work on a 4×4 grid.  You may get an error message about “macros” and “viruses”  . . . this file does not have a virus, so please ignore the message.


We start NECAPs tomorrow too!  Testing, testing, testing! We will be testing from 9-11 am.  The best thing students can do to be prepared is to get a good night’s sleep, eat a BIG, HEALTHY breakfast and show up with a positive attitude.

Science NECAPs

We started the science NECAPs today and I was so very impressed with how hard everyone worked on them!!!  Your children are AMAZING scientists.  We also had a math test today . . . tests, tests, tests!  I told them that to make up for it we wouldn’t have any homework.  Hopefully, tomorrow we will do something other than TESTING all day 🙂 

We finished unit 10 unit test in math and will begin unit 11 tomorrow.  Unit 11 is on volume and capacity.  We will be exploring 3-D shapes and volume. 


Math TEST tomorrow!!

We have a math test tommorrow. Students may choose one of three options to practice:         

  • Create a practice test with 20 problems
  • Practice with the online test (25 problems)
  • Practice for at least 20 minutes to play at least 3 games on the following websites

To complete the online test of 25 problems-click on the Math Journal cover: 

OR go to these websites and play the following games to review for the Unit 9 Math Test. Play the games several times so you really understand the concepts.  Remember to play at least 3!!!!

Fractions and Percent Matching Game

Fraction Decimal Conversion

Fractions Matching

Calculating Percentage

Area of Polygons:

Area of Parallelogram:

Multiplying Decimals (take the quiz for practice)

Dividing Decimals

Practice does make perfect !!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

As the weather gets warmer, water bottles are a necessity at school.  Please make sure your child has a water bottle at school.

In reading we practiced our visualization skills.  Students quickly realized that our background knowledge helps us visualize when we read.  The kids enjoyed making quick sketches of their visualizations.

We got our new interactive whiteboard installed over vacation!!!! I took a few pictures so you could ask your son/daughter about this new technology. We used it for a math lesson today 🙂  We were discussing “easy” fraction/percent conversions.  For example, they know that 1/2=50%  and today’s lesson introduced other fractions like tenths, fifths and fourths. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Check out the new “HOMEWORK” page on the the left (in between “About Me” and What we’ll be learning”). Each day I will try to record daily homework.

We finished writing on-demand reports today.  The kids worked really hard and wrote 4 paragraph essays!!!! We have been working for the past month on writing nonfiction pieces and learning essay format.  This piece was our final assessment of report writing.  Now we are going to turn our focus to another essay:  response to literature.  This will be a breeze because they write letters about their reading regularly and turning one of them into an essay will be a snap!!

We learned how to calculate the area of a triangle today!!!  It was related to our work yesterday solving area problems for parallelograms.  Watch this short video to learn how architects use area and perimeter.  The video also demonstrates the formulas we’ve learned:  area of rectangle, parallelogram and triangle.

Area Video


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We went to the Flynn Theater today to see Freedom Train.  It was a performance about Harriet Tubman’s life.  Please ask your child what they thought of it.  When we voted just about everyone either liked or loved the play. 

In math we are working on area and perimeter.  We learned that the formula for the area of a rectangle and the formula for the area of a parallelogram are the same!!  To find the area you need to multiply the base x height.  Ask your child to explain how they have the same area.





Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It was nice to be back to school today  . . . the kids were GREAT!  Which was nice because I was sick over vacation and I’m still under the weather.  So . . . what did we accomplish today?

  • Seating changes . . . Students arrived this morning to new seats.  Not everyone moved, but many did.
  • Spelling this week will be NIFTY FIFTY words.  Students have 36 words to work with this week, however 22 of them were on the last nifty fifty test and all have been on spelling lists this year.  We focus on word parts:  prefixes, suffixes and root words to help us spell them.  Prefixes change meaning, but are usually just added to words and suffixes often require a spelling rule to add to a base word (ex. change y to i and add er).
  • Before vacation, students wrote an on-demand report about arctic adaptations . . . . they were great first attempts!!!  Today we looked at the prompt more carefully and discussed how kids can plan effectively.  We will have at least one more on-demand report this year!!!  FYI:  On-demand writing requires students to write an ESSAY from a prompt without teacher help.  It is an authentic reflection of a students’ independent writing. 
  • We started JOURNAL 2 today in math.  Everyone was excited to have a brand new book.  Nothing beats a new journal!!!  We are started a fraction unit today.   Today’s lesson was easy and kids should be able to complete homework fairly easily. 

It is so hard to believe it is MARCH.  We still have so much to do.