Nonfiction Explorations

We have been practicing making connections in reading.  This week we shifted our focus toward nonfiction reading.  Yesterday we delved into piles of nonfiction to explore this genre’s features (timelines, captions, index etc).  They are AMAZING nonfiction detectives!  Each group found many different examples and were working together to decide how each feature helps them understand nonfiction text.

Monday, May 4, 2009

We are hearing about Swine Flu everywhere. BrainPop, an educational website that produces videos and computer simulations for teachers and students, has created a video to help kids understand this pandemic and know what to do to keep themselves safe. Please take some time to view it!!!

We have been finishing up our Inspirations graphic organizers in writing. Wow . . .this helps make essay format really easy for 9 and 10 year olds to understand. They are pros at it now!!

In reading we began a new skill: determining importance. When we determine importance we decide what the most important information and do some deep thinking and connecting to make sense of the material. We will be using lots of nonfiction for this last reading group of the year 🙁