European Pen Pals

Westfield Primary School

Read all about it! We received and responded to our first email from our our new pen pals from England.  Mr. Osler’s  Year 4 class attends Westfield Community Primary School in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, England.  They shared lots of information about themselves, and it was clear we had many common interests!

Westfield CP School has one class per grade with about 156 students in Years 1-6. Wow, we have more 4th graders at MBS than they have in their whole School!  Students wear uniforms and have great outdoor learning areas.  They have an herb garden and an outdoor food court.  We are enjoying getting to know our new friends, and look forward to learning more 🙂

Aerial view of Westfield CP School

Our classes will be corresponding every week or two, sharing our interests, new learning and projects. For example, soon we will be learning about weather and states of matter.  We will observe and record weather in both Vermont and England.  It will be interesting to compare the temperatures and precipitation of these two Northern Hemisphere locations.

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