Acorns Grow Roots!

Miss DiTullio has been teaching us all about plants.  Katie and Livy were amazed when they found an acorn had sprouted a root just like the seeds we are growing in class.  What a great find out on the playground!


Check out the slide show below . . . we searched for seeds in different fruits, counted them and created a class histogram on the interactive white board.

Plants Pre-assessment

This week we are starting a new unit on plants!  Below is a survey about plants.  Use your background knowledge to answer the questions.  This survey will not be assessed, but I will use the information to determine what you already know about plants so please try your best.

Click here to take the Plant Survey

After you have completed the survey take some time to check out these interactive plant websites to learn more about plants or practice what you already know!

Parts of a Flower
Plant Structure and Functions
Helping Plants Grow Well