Happy New Year

On Monday, the bell rang at 8:30 and cold children streamed into the Lighthouse.  Where did that balmy weather go?  Excited chatter filled the halls as everyone got ready for the first school day of the new year.  After taking care of our business, we began our day with a GREAT morning meeting.   “Knock-Knock,”  a fun and engaging greeting, got our morning off to a silly start.  Next we spent time sharing about our vacations.  It was nice to have time for a relaxing morning meeting.  It sets such a positive tone for the day.

Right before vacation we spent some time writing poetry and setting goals for the new year. Action verbs and descriptive adjectives brought our winter poems to life!

    Snowflakes by Shyanne
    Beautiful snowflakes falling from the sky,
    Slowly dancing and turning and spinning in the cold,
    Coming and going and falling on my eyes,
    I stick out my tongue and there they fly.

    Snow by Katarina
    Snow, puffy, soft, smooth and cold,
    Come inside and drink hot cocoa,
    Warmth and coldness have been with you.

    Snow by Betty
    The sun shining down on a white wonderland,
    Creates a dazzling, magical world of white,
    A snowbank glistening in the sun,
    Creates a vivid picture in my mind,
    Of what Antarctica must look like in summer.
    Dazzling and glistening under the bright protection of the shining sun.

Students decorated a snowman and wrote their poem and goal on the back. We hung them around the room. They look great!  Most of the pictures in the slide show below were taken by your children 🙂 . . . they are budding photographers!