Math Test Tomorrow

We have a math test tomorrow for unit 2. Today we completed a review in class of the material on tomorrow’s test. We discussed that to prepare for a math test, we need to PRACTICE. Students have the OPPORTUNITY to practice for their test and earn bonus points (5 points!). They have two options to practice:

1. Make a practice test with 20 problems (Must contain a variety of problems). The mathboxes and journal pages are a great place to find math problems for a practice test. Students must complete the practice test and return it tomorrow to recieve the bonus points.

2. Play Jeopardy (unit 2)and keep track of your work on a 4×4 grid. You may get an error message about “macros” and “viruses” . . . this file DOES NOT have a virus, so please ignore the message.  When the Powerpoint opens, click on the slideshow tab and click “from the beginning” to start the game.